Avoid #1 Pet Killer - Embrace Home Pet Remedies

Cancer is not only rearing its ugly head amongst the human population around the world but it is also plaguing or pets, with more that 50% of dogs and cats over the age of ten developing cancer, resulting in death. Cancer is the most common cause of death in pets. Cancer treatment for pets is usually non responsive to the traditional medical treatments so pet owners have found another avenue to grab hold of using home pet remedies from natural and holistic medicine practices.

One of the ways pet owners are combating this illness for their pets is by utilizing pet wellness practices, which suggests natural pet remedies for illnesses and natural homemade pet foods, basically eliminating toxins of any kind from foods and medicine. Plus, natural home pet remedies by far surpass any other and have become known to pet owners as a life saver when it comes to not only healing and helping their pets but also a huge monetary savings on vet bills and medications. Pet wellness practices and natural home pet remedies is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy and protect him from harmful diseases, such as cancer.

When it comes to pets, the traditional medical treatment for cancer is often not sufficient, however veterinarians and holistic medical professionals say that natural pet care remedies holds high value toward preventing cancer, as well as treating it to a high percentage. Many pet owners whose animals have cancer will use both traditional and natural holistic medicine to give their pet the best chance of survival.

Let's face it most pets are not taken in for an annual cancer check up like humans do, or are supposed to. However, just like with people, early detection is the biggest key to recovery. As a pet owner it is important that you are aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer in your dog or cat.

With dogs, the more common form of cancer is malignant lymphoma and mast cell tumors. In cats it is malignant lymphoma which is often secondary to Feline Leukemia Virus Infection.

Signs To Be Aware Of
  • A firm lump that grows and does not go away.
  • Some pets have an increased appetite but continue to lose weight.
  • Some may have respiratory problems and be weak if they are becoming anemic.
Other Important Facts
  • Cancer is usually a disease of older dogs and cats.
  • Pet cancer causes over half of pet deaths
  • Causes of cancer are still unclear
  • Professionals have found that there is a genetic correlation and an increase in certain breeds
  • To date, the most common breed of dog being diagnosed with cancer is the Golden Retriever, with the Boxer breed running in second place
  • Environment has a large part in the performance and onset of cancer, including exposure to toxins, herbicides, smog, and insecticides being major contributing factors
  • Preservatives and other chemical additives place high on the list of cancer contributing factors
Preventative Measures

Here is where you, as a pet owner can put pet wellness into practice and embrace natural and holistic pet remedies. These type remedies are mostly home pet remedies compiled through the holistic medicine practices, and utilized by holistic veterinarians.
  • A Holistic Diet: This is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT area for your pet to reduce the risk of cancer. Yes, just like in humans, it's the same type principle. Your pets body, just like yours, needs to be supported by building blocks that maintain healthy cells and repair damaged ones. Feed your dog a holistic diet, making his food from home using the required foods to give him his nutritional needs. This is so that you can avoid artificial colors, toxins, and other dangerous components found in shelf dog food. This includes his treats as well.
    Healthy Homemade Canine Food

    If you are buying natural treats at from the store, do your level best to ensure they REALLY are made from natural, wholesome ingredients. Keep this in mind - whenever a food is packaged for a store shelf, that food has to have a certain types of ingredients in order to maintain it's shelf life. This is where the unnecessary toxins and unhealthy food additives come into the picture, and are not healthy for your pet. If the company is truly using natural ingredients than they will also be using a natural preservative. These products may also have a shorter shelf life. I Love Dogs. com is a fabulous website for dog owners and offers free all natural dog treat recipes.
  • Raw Food Diet. Cancer cells thrive on carbohydrates and proteins, but their growth is slows down with fats. Try making your own low-carb, high-fat cancer diet. Many dogs really thrive on this type diet, which makes it all the better an option for his daily meals.

    Raw Food Diet Recipe
    50% chicken or fish; 50% mixed vegetables. 1/2 tsp. olive oil per 10 lbs of dog weight. salt and garlic to taste.

    • Supplements. Ensure to add Omega 3 essential fatty acids to every meal. These Omega 3's have been shown to significantly prevent the spread of cancer in pets as well as people. Omega 3 fatty acids include: Flax is the best source for dogs, for cats you need a liquid form of flax. Either give salmon oil or EFA capsules twice daily to your dog or cat.
    • Flavanoids. Flavanoids are what give the bright color to fruits and vegetables. They have a double positive of antioxidants and cancer fighting qualities. Flavanoids include flavones, isoflavones, and flavanols. The best for your dog or cat is polyphenols, especially EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate) which comes from green tea.
    • Antioxidants. Studies have shown that these beauties slow the growth and spread of certain types cancer and include vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium - the most effective ones for cancer prevention
    All of the above are priceless home pet remedies for the prevention of cancer in dogs and cats and can easily be incorporated into your pets daily eating regime. Embrace natural holistic medicines and home pet remedies and avoid the #1 pet killer - Cancer along with many other pet illnesses and diseases.

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