Healthy Eating- 5 Ways to Eat For Your Teeth

We have all heard the expression, "You are what you eat." The same applies when it comes to dental health. We eat for our skin, we eat for our heart, and we eat for longevity.  Now healthy eating can determine your level of dental health.

Brushing at least twice a day and flossing is an important part of dental health but so is our diet, including beverages.  It is safe to say that healthy eating also contributes to good dental health and oral hygiene.

Here are ways you can utilize healthy eating habits to gain good dental hygiene, healthy gums and white teeth.

1.  Limit snacking to avoid cavities.  Be conscious of what you are snacking on.  Many foods expose the teeth and gums to foods that erode tooth enamel.

2.  Introduce foods, particularly snack items that are high in calcium.  Calcium is a huge factor in having healthy teeth, gums, and a bright white smile. It really isn't any secret that having calcium in your diet is worth a lot more to the body than just the bones.  It is a huge part of dental health as well. We also know that sugar aids in tooth decay and creates cavities in the teeth.  So do foods like potato chips.  When they sit in the mouth for a length of time the carbohydrates break down into sugar and cause tooth decay.

3.  Instead of juices, you and your children should be eating hard fruits.  This is because they assist in cleansing and stimulating teeth and gums.

4.  Good oral hygiene that promotes dental health is the task of rinsing your mouth after you eat.  This is especially important when you have eaten foods that aid in tooth decay.  A good rinsing of your mouth after you eat will help control plaque buildup.

5.  Supplements is another way of promoting good dental health. Along with a healthy diet and good oral hygiene, supplements such as vitamin C and flavanoids help protect the gums from cell damage and aid in healing. These supplements also aid in decreasing cavities, bad breath and gum disease. 

Certain foods are particularly high in calcium.  Here is a list you can use to introduce high calcium foods into your healthy eating regime.   

High Calcium Foods for Dental Health

Milk, yogurt, and cheeses.  Particularly feta cheese and buffalo milk cottage cheese.

Beans and grains
White, navy and black turtle beans.  Chickpeas, tofu, soy bean curd, and instant oats.

Almonds, Brazil, hazel and walnuts.  Almond or walnut butter, sesame seeds, and plain white rice.

Fruits and Vegetables
Broccoli, cabbage, okra, bok choy, turnip greens, and spinach.  Orange, bananas (help the body absorb calcium), and dried currants.

 Sardines and salmon have the most calcium

White and wholemeal and Swiss style muesli.

Cumin, coriander, cloves, hing, oregano, and mustard seeds

You probably already know that the foods listed above are foods that should be consumed for  healthy eating and dieting, aiding in healthy bones, heart and even skin. There's an added benefit for you because these same foods and others also aid in dental health.  Consider utilizing these 5 ways to eat for your teeth.


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  8. Some foods are bad for teeth like sugary or starchy foods, in which the bacteria in plaque gets another chance to form decay-causing acid. So as suggested here we need to take care of eating habits for Good Teeth.

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  12. Thanks for sharing this wonderful list of healthy food for teeth. Food high in grains, vegetables and fruits are much better than foods with lot of sugar because it helps plaque to grow and also the habit of brushing and taking floss after eating is really a must.

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  16. I admit that I am a sweet tooth and I like sweets a lot. However, besides the fact that it's not good for the teeth, it obviously causes weight gain.

  17. Visiting your dentist regularly makes a BIG difference. Thank you for sharing this list. Avoidance of the food you mentioned above would be great for the teeth. If it is impossible to avoid such things, you can moderate your intake of them to keep your teeth white.

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  22. I think rinsing your mouth of with water is the most important tip,

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