Natural Dieting - Stomp Out Cravings in 3 Days

It doesn't matter if you are natural dieting to lose weight or to obtain a more healthy eating structure, the side effects of not having what you want when you want it seems to always rear it's ugly head. However, ask yourself this: Are you physically missing your treats or is it more of an emotional issue where you want something yummy in order to help you cope with a negative aspect in your life, such as going to a job you don't like, handling a daunting task, or simply waking up and spending the day in an exhausted fashion?

Here is what will happen when you remove a majority of sugary, processed foods from your diet, on a daily basis. You will find that the exhaustion you feel will take a turn for the better because sugary foods slow down the body, so if you are already exhausted for other reasons, that same thing that emotionally helps you, which is eating a yummy sugary food, is the same thing that is hindering you with your energy level.

Natural dieting doesn't mean never having yummy treats. It means controlling them in your daily routine and replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones, getting enough exercise, and basically obtaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. With this change still comes the nagging question of what do I do about cravings? How does one get control of ones self when it comes to holding off on the sweet stuff?

1. Knowledge is a wonderful thing to obtain especially when it comes to dieting. Understand that once you eat the proper foods for your metabolic type, your cravings will significantly lesson. Most cravings is the bodies way of saying it doesn't have enough of what it needs, so sugar cravings can easily mean you are not getting the right carbohydrates - and the key here is healthy carbohydrates. If you are craving salty foods it could very well be that your body is needing more healthy fats. It is severely important when natural dieting or dieting of any kind that your diet is suited to your metabolic type. Failure to obtain this, is one of the main reasons most diets fail. The failure is not always on the person dieting but on the side of the diet itself. However, selecting the right diet for you is in your hands, and this can either make your success or break it.

2. As you fight through your cravings remember this, if you are on the right diet for your metabolic system, the less sugar and processed foods you have the less you will crave them. Now here is the good news! Did you know it only takes approximately 72 hours of re-framing from the junk foods before your body settles down with it's new routine and those crappy, annoying cravings cease to exist? Just hang on, be strong, and fight the cravings for three days and you are home free! So you see, you won't suffer with those nasty cravings forever, just a short while of three days.

3.Nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios, the diet solution founder, talks about a powerful technique of "Medical Hypnosis." Isabel does not talk about techniques until and unless she has fully researched them, and she will do so if she has a bundle of clients inquiring about a certain technique, food, fad or diet. Following a large pool of inquiries regarding Medical Hypnosis, she looked into it and found it worth investigating further She admits she has never used the technique but says it is certainly worth trying out, especially for those dealing with obesity or require they lose large amounts of pounds, and are struggling with self control. If you are interested in this technique, this is Isabel's discovery in her research and her choice of program for Medical Hypnosis.

Hypnosis in the place of pills for weight loss assistance is definitely worth trying out and lies within the limits of natural dieting because you are not using chemicals, pills, or harsh dieting procedures to help gain control of your cravings, and poor eating habits. This particular program has been getting it's clients the results they want and need for almost five years now.

I am always a bit skeptical of this sort of therapy, however, having said that I have known people who have used hypnosis to get down to the bottom of issues that have been plaguing them for years and have found much success, and some of them have found that the hypnosis was a welcome assistant to another method they were using, basically the hypnosis being the icing on the cake they needed for success. It's up to you of course, to research on your own, and decide if it is a direction that can bring you success. It's good to remember that when one strategy doesn't work you have to try another one, or maybe you need one strategy with a little help from another.

Here are some of the benefits that Isabel's research turned up:
  • Cravings can be reduced instantaneously, allowing you to stop binging before you start
  • New neural pathways will be created that empower you to replace unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones
  • Experience effortless motivation without relying on willpower
  • Your desire for sodas will be eliminated and replaced with a craving for water!
  • Your excess weight will easily fall off as you automatically eat the right foods and right portions, while making exercise a part of your every day routine.
When it comes to dieting, Isabel encourages her clients to keep an open mind when it comes to new techniques because growth is lurking about but people have to grab it to find it's positive function. I totally agree except an open mind should be kept in many other areas not just dieting and healthy eating.

Natural dieting is definitely the way to go. Using a healthy eating regime to not only lose weight but to also keep your body and mind on a strong healthy road throughout your life. This benefits the ageing process, the weight loss process, and an all around life of wellness. In order to be successful when dieting it is vital that you make sure the diet matches your metabolic system which is one way to combat those bad food cravings. Hold strong for a measly three days at which point you can kiss those bad food cravings goodbye. If you are on a diet now and not sure it's proportioned to your metabolic system, then go for suggestion number 2 and just withhold from bad food for three days. Oh yes you can! If you are not successful than consider finding a diet that you know for sure matches your metabolic system, just be sure you stay on the natural dieting road.

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