Natural Pet Health Care - The Way To Go!

Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs - A Guide to Healing Your Pet The Natural Way!
The human race has found itself asking many questions over the past 10 years with regards to natural products versus store bought, including medicines, foods and health care options.  On the horizon these days is the question of natural pet health care - is it really better and is it really necessary? I will give some of the statistics you need to make an educated decision.

If it is better for the human body to go as natural as possible in the ways of food, health and health care, then it is safe to realize and accept that it is the same for your pet.  We now know that store bought dog food does not have the nutrients or the value we have been lead to believe it has all these years, and in fact houses chemicals found to be extremely harmful to your pet.  Like many human foods, we have to be careful what we are putting into our pets body.  So pet owners have taken a big step in feeding their pets natural meals and treats as opposed to store bought options.  Because the world has found it difficult to trust the labeling we are directed to check in both human and pet food, pet owners are now going the extra mile of making homemade pet food and treats.

What a turn the world has taken with people preferring natural pet health care treatments for common illnesses and physical conditions such as allergies, stress issues, back pain, asthma, migraines, arthritis, hair loss and stomach problems to name a few.  Even more serious and life threatening diseases such as cancer and heart problems are commonly addressed using holistic and natural approaches. Millions of people around the world have found relief and freedom from illnesses using a professional holistic approach, giving holistic medicine a foot up in the world of health and wellness in humans and pets.

Natural pet health care is no different and has made massive and much respected strides in the lives of pets and their owners. Here are the reasons pet natural remedies score high with pets and their owners and why this avenue of medicine should never be ignored as an approach to pet ailments and feeding.

Natural health care strives to help the individual achieve the highest level of functioning and a sense of well-being regardless of the presence or absence of illness or disease, resulting in a more balanced and harmonious life that is lived as fully and completely as possible.  

Advantages of Holistic Pet Medicine

1.  Holistic pet care products and remedies are completely free of chemicals/synthetics.
Chemicals or synthetics are bad for the body on a whole.  Serious illnesses can come from these chemicals alone and aid in the ageing process, as apposed to helping to slow it down.  These chemicals also have side effects in many pets, some of which are irreversible and others can cause pet owners a lot of money, time and heartbreak to get under control.  These chemicals also weaken the immune system, which is definitely not something you want if and when your pet has an illness.

2.  Holistic products and methods are endowed with providing effective relief.  
The natural base of holistic products  can provide a solution to almost any pet ailment.  This can be by way of method or medicine. Not to mention that the natural ingredients provide your pet with protection in cells, tissue and bone for a more healthy, vibrant and longer and stronger life. Your pets wellness now and in the future depends on the food and medicine you are putting in his body and your approach to fixing any ailments he may have.

3.  Holistic approaches are readily available in the event of an emergency.  Just like you would always have fever medicine in the house for your kids you can always have a holistic medicine for pets remedy ready. This could be necessary if your vets office or pet supply store is closed at your time of emergency. These remedies have an effective and immediate response.  They are also much more cost effective than store bought medicines. 

4.  Holistic treatments take the power out of the hands of your vet and pharmaceutical companies and offers you a wider range of treatment options. 

5. Even if your pet  does not currently suffer from an ailment or  medical condition, holistic medicine for pets offers you the opportunity to take control of your pets health care path.

6.  Natural or holistic medicine can treat all living creatures.
Holistic medicine for pets ignites the body's internal healing force and stimulates the body's natural abilities to heal itself. Achieve natural health for your pets with holistic/complimentary/integrative and preventative methods of healing, including homeopathy, herbs, raw foods and juices, nutrition, naturopathy, and more.

Lesson your pets chances for illness throughout his life, increase his immune system function instead of lowering it.  Pay less on pet medical bills and medication instead of paying for medicines that have side effects and often cause illnesses on their own.  Provide your pet with the a more vibrant, healthy, illness free lifestyle, encouraging pet wellness and happiness. Consider pet natural health care, natural remedies and natural food for your pet.

Using natural remedies to heal your pets ailments before you go for pharmaceutical.

Here is a sample of what come with this fabulous resource of healing your pet naturally with holistic medicine for pets.

Emergencies/First Aid
-When to visit the vet. Also, anything that you can do immediately to save your pet or ease discomfort. You'll also find a list of particularly crucial items that MUST be contained within your pet's first aid kit so that you can administer help quickly!
-Education section outlaying the 14 variations of arthritis includes 14 sections going through the various symptoms to watch for in each one. There are also sections outlaying the 3 common methods of relief you can administer for any arthritis issue.
Fleas/Mange/Keeping Your Pet Clean
-There is no fool proof way to get around the fact your pet will get fleas at some point, but this section is devoted to managing the whole situation. You'll find sections on shampooing methods, short term relief such as spraying, items like collars and natural options, symptoms of flea allergies and a large section on mange.
Bowel/Worm Issues
-The most common form of intestinal parasites are whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms. Here you are taken through the symptoms to watch for and the treatment of each of them.
Kidney/Urinary/Liver/Heart Problems
-Understanding the types of problems from which your pet can suffer can assist you in helping your pet to avoid some of these conditions and more easily recover if they should develop an issue. This section goes over the signs/symptoms to look out for and covers the diagnosis and treatment of the above problems.
Skin/Fur Loss/Itching/Paw Issues
-It's important to understand that there may be other culprits at work other than fleas or allergies that cause your pet to itch and scratch, such as, parasites or autoimmune diseases. Here we look at the symptoms and treatment of the above with home remedies.
Respiratory Problems
-The diagnosis and treatment of a number of respiratory problems that; depending on whether you own a cat or dog, your pet can suffer from. Here, in dogs, we discover and go over the treatment, symptoms and prevention of serious or near fatal issues such as  kennel cough and heart worms. In cats we look into the symptoms and treatment of upper respiratory problems such as the sinus and the reflux associated with hairballs as well as rhinotrachetis, calici virus, feline bronchitis and feline infectious peritonitis.

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