Shedding Fat - #1 Dine Out Food to Avoid

One my most favorite past times is to dine out.  I have my top 5 restaurants that I frequent often, as well as my top 5 favorite dishes each of them serves.  Dining out however can be hard on the diet, whether you are dieting for weight loss or following a healthy eating plan. Let's face it dining out and shedding fat are not usually hand in hand.  However, you can still eat out and follow your diet plan as long as you keep these things in mind when you place your order.

The number one thing to avoid at all costs when dining out is:


Harmful, bad fats along with large amounts of sugar are found in most sauces served at restaurants.

These sauces would include:
  • Dressings on salads
  • Cream sauces for pastas
  • Sugar/butter mixture vegetables are drenched in.  This is a shame because when a health/diet conscious person orders vegetables it is for a reason and that reason is totally blasted into pieces due to the way the vegetables are prepared.
  • Starchy/high fat content sauces used for stir fries
  • Cream/butter/sugar sauces served on top of meats or fish
    Here are some better choices of sauces that don't work so much against your efforts of shedding fat and unwanted weight.
    • Use oil/vinegar for salad dressings
    • Ask for low-fat tomato sauce to have with pasta.
    • For stir fries, request they prepare your meal with chicken broth.  Use low calorie or light soy sauce to get the Asian flavor.
    • Ask for steam veggies with a side of butter.  This way you can control the amount of fat going on to your vegetables.
    • For protein sources, omit the sauces for seasonings
    When it comes to shedding fat, losing weight, or following a healthy eating plan, remember the next time you dine out to avoid the sauces.  You’ll save yourself a tremendous amount of calories and fat without sacrificing volume. 


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