Dog Wellness - People Things To Avoid

While we dog lovers have hearts three time the normal size when it comes to our Canine friends, we need to make sure we remember that they are dogs, and some human items are simply not good for them, and can even be toxic to their system. A good dog wellness practice is dog owners knowing what human items have value for their dogs and which ones need to be avoided. 

Here is a list of some human items that can be hurtful to your dog.  Of course there are many more people things not suitable for dogs than just those on this list, but here are some that you may not be aware of.

Human Food
Some human foods are good for your dog such as vegetables, rice, chicken, pasta, bread (but not bread dough), baked potato, beef, liver and even fruits, to name a few. However, there is another side of human food that can cause illness in your pet.  Avocado, alcohol, onions, coffee/tea, grapes, raisins, nuts, candy, gum, chocolate, raw eggs, raw meat/fish, watermelon seeds, bread dough, and too much salt.  These are some of the more common foods found in every home, but close tabs should be kept to ensure that everyone in the family is aware that these normal human foods can be toxic to your dog.

Human Clothing/Costumes 
If you like to dress your dog make sure you are dressing him in clothing made for dogs.  People clothing is usually not made for dog where, as dogs need to be able relieve themselves easily and are build differently than humans.  Our clothes can also be uncomfortable and cause  annoyances.  That means no pants or other garments that cover their full body. People clothing also has zippers, buttons, snaps, etc that can be harmful if swallowed by your dog.

Human Toothpaste
Although dog owners need to brush their dog's teeth regularly, the fluoride in human toothpaste is toxic to your dog.  Make sure you use toothpaste especially formulated for dogs.

Human Toys
People toys, even those made for kids can be unsafe for your dog.  The material some toys are made of can cause irritation to their stomachs, as dogs can easily cause destruction to these toys through their bite, the material and small pieces easily enter their stomach.  It is also important that in order for a dog to get the necessary requirements from a toy, it needs to be made in such a way that it can withstand the dogs bite, wear and tear.

Human Multi-Vitamins
It is vital that your dog receives the appropriate amount of nutrition, but giving your dog human multi-vitamins is accomplishing nothing because these vitamins are not produced for a dogs system.  Those that contain iron can cause damage to the digestive system, kidneys and liver.  Make sure you give your dog the appropriate canine vitamin suitable for his breed and age.

Giving your dog vitamins supplements specially formulated for dogs is a must.  Just like we humans take our vitamins to help us avoid illnesses and keep healthy, dogs are no different. Dogs need vitamins to help their immune system healthy and working, and to help them avoid bone and joint problems.  Using pet natural health care for your dog's source of vitamins is an even smarter dog wellness practice.

Another good dog wellness practice is utilizing pet natural health care for the many ailments dogs or cats can encounter.  These remedies are specially formulated for dogs and cats and other pets, and have similar properties to the natural, herbal and holistic remedies for humans. These remedies are safer now and in the long run for your pet, safer for the environment, household safer, and are less costly than over the counter medicines that usually require a vet visit first.  They are safe and effective and have shown to have better results than over the counter drugs. I always go for natural or holistic remedies whenever possible for my kids and pets.

Having a successful and fulfilling relationship with a dog means owners need to be vigilant in ensuring they have a good awareness level of dog wellness practices and carry them out to the fullest extent possible.  Being vigilant about protecting your dog from harmful human things, as well as ensuring he has the appropriate vitamins and pet care are areas that not only help keep your dog happy, they also help keep you a happy and content dog owner.

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