Drink Yourself Healthy! The Top 4

Your Top 4 Health Drinks

In today's society health drinks come in a variety of styles, flavors, ingredients and packaging. They are usually rather costly and although the ingredients are listed, its still an over the counter that houses chemicals of some sort and, just how effective they are still remains to be seen. This is not to say they are not productive at all - but to what degree?

These four health drinks will give you the most benefit from their particular ingredient and are much more cost effective and versatile to suit different tastes. The only thing you don't get with these health drinks is the fancy packaging, but you can certainly use your favorite glass to spice things up.

GREEN TEA is a serious blessing if you ask me. I am sure you have heard of it's tremendous value particularly in the zone of anti-aging. let me just remind you of just a few of it's values.

Tea is preferred over coffee amongst health professionals. Green Tea houses many benefits. There are just a few in a nutshell.

  • Helps regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Prevent certain cancers.
  • Fights plaque on your teeth.
  • Lowers your cholesterol.
  • Slows down the aging process.
Here are some various drink recipes you can do with Green Tea.
  • A hot tea. Made from a tea bag or green tea capsule. Add anything else you like.
  • Iced Tea. Small amount of hot water, add tea bag and let steep for 3 minutes. Add cold water and ice and anything else you like.
  • Add green tea capsule to you alcoholic beverage - when you have one, to give it a healthy side at least.
  • Green tea as a facial cleaner (FABULOUS)
  • Green tea as a lotion (for face or body)
  • Green tea a body scrub, bath oil, shower gel
  • Green tea as a shampoo and conditioner
  • Deserts (cupcakes, cakes, puddings, ice cream, candy )
Green tea is used for healthy weight loss and anti-aging. Its properties are highly effective in both categories.

If you're not already consuming green tea in some form you are really missing out on a treat for your body. Work into you daily routine. It tastes great and can be easily found.

Green Tea health benefits.

UMMC: Green Tea.

FRUIT SMOOTHIE is a milkshake style health drink housed with vitamins and nutrients instead of calories and unwanted fat. We know the importance of fruit in our diet but grabbing a piece of fruit is something most of us don't bother to do. Make a smoothie and your daily intake is replenished and out of the way.

Fruit smoothies of course can be purchased ready made. But the value of the fruit is less and will contain sugar, and too many can cause healthy problems in the heart and kidney.

Have some fun searching for great fruit smoothie recipes, shopping for beautiful ripe fruits. Making a smoothie at home and enjoying the natural untouched purity of the fruit. Here is a place for great smoothie recipes. Enjoy!

Flower Carol for Fruit Smoothies.

 Smoothies for kids.

FUNCTIONAL HEALTH BEVERAGE which is basically vegetables. Personally I find it easier to eat a salad everyday, as most vegetable health drinks take a little time to get used to due to their taste.

There is a new health drink on the market these days called the Cell Renewal Formula. Fruit, vegetable extracts, herbs and other plant compounds are combined into a drinkable substance.

You can make vegetable drinks at home using a juice extractor. Add a whole apple, some fresh lemon juice. and honey to whatever combination you choose. This will help sweeten it up.

ENERGY DRINKS don't have a problem with taste but if you search the ingredients, you will see they consists of artificial sweeteners, caffeine or Ephedra. Sometimes all three of these ingredients can be found in one drink. Now it's true that most of these energy drinks replenish electrolytes but they don't have vitamins and nutrients. Drink these in moderation.

Save yourself precious dollars and cents. Give yourself the highest nutritional benefits and go natural with your health drinks.

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