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Gracefully ageing middle aged women have found a nutritious and effective means of getting back in shape and staying that way, which is what has labeled them, gracefully ageing women.  They know that time is of the essence, as moms, stay at home or working, have a hard time dedicating much time to themselves. Its all for the kids and that means not much time for personal needs. So, it is imperative that middle aged moms find an effective keep fit plan the first time off.

Being a middle aged mom myself I found several areas that really helped me out in my quest to look AND FEEL great at 40.

Don't waste any time! Get yourself in the right frame of mind. This means you need a plan of action. Motivational primers and realistic goals.

Choose a variety of exercise formats with easy to follow step-by-step instructions to satisfy your needs and lifestyle. Exercises for resistance/interval training is more effective at burning fat then aerobic style exercise. Resistance training will build and tone muscle faster. It will also save you time because it is intermittent and at a high intensity. So you have a dual action here. Interval training saves you time and is more effective in burning fat.

It is hugely important that the program has a nutrition guide that can educate you on a healthy diet and fitness program. Your program should also offer you information and tips on how to maintain your healthy lifestyle. These are usually offered by means of emails, newsletters, and bonus'.
The Diet Solution

De-stressing techniques are majorly beneficial to everyone, particularly moms. Other people stress about their job, their boss, their car, their colleague but moms stress about their kids and everything there of.

Take 20 minutes out of your busy schedule to relax. This can be in the form of yoga, meditation, reading your favorite book or doing your favorite thing. No interruptions, no phone, no TV, no kids. Its your time so use it to better yourself. Green Tea is a fabulous product for anti ageing and stress relief. It's also user friendly.Green Tea and Weight loss.

Yoga is another of my absolute favorites. I ignored it for a long time when a friend made me take a class with her. After that I was hooked. Get hooked on Yoga and make a path for a more relaxed frame of mind and body. . Make no mistake that both Green Tea and Yoga are highly capable of reversing the ageing process when utilized regularly.

Eating habits are tough to change but try and think of it not as change but as an addition to what you are eating now. When you have something fattening or not healthy follow it up with some veggies. Veggies have antioxidants that have a huge play in reversing the ageing process as well as fuel your body with exactly what it needs to be healthy, strong and fit. Eat them along with your kids. Kids learn by example. They will follow your lead and you may find that they are eating their veggies too!

There are plenty of women out there with 2, 3, and 4 kids, doing it all just like us. Do not be fooled into thinking they are just lucky. Trust me they work at it until it has become a normal part of their life. Some of them have shared their stories at Fitness for Life.

Get yourself organized and get a plan of action started. Ensure you find a program that gives you realistic goals to reach your body beautiful. Ensure it offers follow up material to assist you in remaining fit and healthy. Take your 20 minutes of de-stressing to give you a boost for the rest of the day or night. Eat your vegetables with your kids!

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